“UNISON GROUP” is most gained real estate developer by its passionate and proficient management team.

We draw people by satisfactory service, suggestion and products and all this happen by cleverness of our management team.

As a the leading construction company of office, hospital, restaurants, showrooms, safe vault, tution classes, banking “UNISON GROUP” has proven its strength to entrust.

“UNISON GROUP” has proficient leaders play a key role in order to continue to provide the level and quality of service expected by the client and as our mission and also manage the company’s growing portfolio of operating properties.

Meet here our key people who play active role to make “UNISON GROUP” reputed real estate leader.



Mr. Darshak Kotadia
Group Chairman – Mr. Kotadia is an (E.C) engineer and a technocrat person who always trying to make technology simpler to use. He confide in changing trends with time.As his powerful business ability, He is head of planning & strategic business development and plays an key role for the business policy and strategy development for the group. As his vision and mission about business, “UNISON GROUP” has growing more and taking more business opportunity.

He always believes in integrity, innovation, technical intelligence, and transparency. He is the person by whom “UNISON GROUP” is reputed in real estate and take pride for his exemplary leadership.


Mr. Chintan Dakhra
Group Chairman – Mr. Chintan Dakhra is a textile engineer with his own dreams, eyesight, idea and persistent for his dreams become true As he is efficient, his advice is enormously postulate in the company still he live as constant learner in company.The company expanding its horizon along with easier use of new technology because of the key person Mr. Chintan. His continual drive to improve with a prime central position are the ingredients to achieve the most respected in “UNISON GROUP”.

He founded new techniques for building construction, designing, planning and structuring quality quickly and also provide support to our investors for investment.

He installed technology and implement the new technique in construction department for labors and workers so they can work safely and efficiently. His combination of love and passion for technology and nature make him differ from others.


Mr. Alpesh Bunha
Mr. Alpesh Bunha M.D(Managing Director) of “UNISON GROUP” who leading the business development and project group. He has been implement professionalizing management practices and discipline system for everyone in the company for scaling up the business and increasing quality and efficiency of work.He is head of purchase department and he always believe in ‘a penny saved, is a penny earned’.

He always focuses on technology and new techniques will be retrace in future which will take place more improvement in quality and services so a customer of “UNISON GROUP” get satisfied.